The real cost of life in the UK — Introductions and an overview

Author’s note: I’m not a political writer. But, it seems like the people that are, in many cases, aren’t talking about the realities of what is going on right now, in the UK. In this series of articles, I’ll be talking about the reality of living in the UK with the amount of uncertainty, inept governance and changes that we’re having to navigate. Medium isn’t great for keeping series’ running, so I’m hoping that this overview lets people read through what I’ve talked about, give an overview and more.
The article series ‘The Real Cost of Life in the UK’ started on July 1st, 2022.

My name is Kai. It’s not actually my real name yet — as I might talk about later in a later article — but, that’s what everyone knows me as. I’m a 40 something, very lucky woman, who lives with severe mental health issues, and a loving partner who lets me work on a lot of my self care and other stuff. We are a family that isn’t having to choose between food and fuel (car and home), but we are a family that is watching our budget.
We are a single income family — I’m disabled, so anything I made is unreliable, and isn’t even ‘side hustle’ worthy, though I am an author. My partner supports us fully, and we’re lucky for that. I qualify for PIP, as does my remaining adult child, who lives at home with us. This qualifies us for more support than some families, but we’re not considered completely vulnerable. Due to my partner’s job, we don’t receive carer’s allowance, though he really is mine and my daughter’s sole point of support for the majority of our daily life.
We are as a family — very lucky. I

In this article series, I’m going to be talking about the cost to our mental health as well as changes to the average household budgets. As I’ve said in the tagline, we’re not just talking inflation and stagnation. There’s a mental load that the Government seems to be willfully overlooking. The stress of living with all of this is real. I’ll share anything that I can see that might help, and I’ll occasionally talk about what the government claims to be doing, versus how it seems to be shaking out.

I’d love it if you could read these articles, and let me know what you think! If you have any opinions on what’s happening right now, please do get in touch!



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(D) Kai Wilson-Viola

(D) Kai Wilson-Viola

Corraler, cajoler, creator and collator of symbols. Biohazard tattoo'd - contents hazardous to biologicals - #Nanowrimo ML and #bipolar