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The lockdown diaries #14: YOU are the brand

Few agents are focusing on creating hand crafted social media posts, and even fewer on unique news content for their websites. New mandate? Just post the link from the portal (don’t). In a new world where authenticity is king, there has never been a better time to invest in your craft and showcase your expertise.

Each of us now has our own microphone and network, and we get to decide what to program and what to consume. It turns out that spreading the news about things that are smart is, in itself, smart. ~ Seth Godin

Buyers and sellers want to connect with agents they can trust. It is not about the brand, it is about you. Great agents that switch companies will keep most of their clients and referral partners.

At Entegral we are seeing more agents and teams invest in their personal online brands. Their is a shift in the market where tech-enabled agents are rising above the rest. They are doing more, quicker, and more professional. They are working virtual and are not bound by an office desk.

It’s a great move, because an individual can create a more personal connection with buyers or sellers when they see the ‘face’ of the person they will entrust with their biggest financial asset.

Here are some of the agent and team real estate websites we’ve launched. Some of them I’ve known since we’ve started Entegral 15 years ago, agents who are passionate about their craft and enjoy real estate.

Take a look at your branding, are you portraying a professional image….are you showcasing your WHY? There are lots of tech tools to help you streamline tasks and get your message out, but what do people see when they Google you?

In the end, you are the deal-maker that puts everything together. The glue that brings buyer and seller together. It’s time to take yourself serious and elevate your personal brand.

I found the Windows 95/XP desktop background on one of my morning runs! :)




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