#RealVirtual Spotlight: Daniel Dilallo @VRDirector on @RealVirtualShow Ep4

From video games to virtual reality…

“Design is in everything, it’s the core of creation; to know design fundamentals, principals, systems, the design process itself; one’s achievements are only bound by their determination to see a design through fruition” — Daniel DiLallo

Daniel Dilallo, VR pioneer

Daniel bring 10 + years experience in game development and film productions to the virtual reality medium. He is a leading pioneer when it comes to combining films with the interactivity of game engines, and is recognized as an early adopter of new technologies and VR subject matter expert.

Starting in video game development and design, Daniel worked with every discipline on multiple teams and projects while at Activision’s Innovation Lab. They designed and build high quality content for Triple A titles — including Guitar Hero, one of the most influential games of the beginning of the 21st century. It has earned more than $2 billion in sales as well as critical acclaim and awards.

Daniel also lead the development on the initial prototypes for the rebranding of Guitar Hero as Guitar Hero Live, making it a first person realistic game that was revolutionary: it combined live crowd cinematics with built-in artificial intelligence where the filmed crowd’s reactions were based on the actual performance of the gamer. In total, Daniel developed five Triple A titles.

Telling beautiful stories in video games translated to traditional film, which quickly segued into virtual reality. This immersive, highly creative and intelligently responsive medium is the perfect niche for Daniel — but he stresses that this emerging space is not only for entertainment.

Virtual reality as well as augmented reality have enormous practical implications, and not only is Daniel creating virtual entertainment and but is building applications as well. His company, 3X Studios, produces 360 content in the music, fashion, travel, sports, events, and science spaces.

Special thanks to our co-host, Blake Leibel, CEO of Fantasy Prone.

Catch up with Daniel on Twitter, or check out his company 3x Studios.

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