#RealVirtual Spotlight: @JoshuaFarkas on @RealVirtualShow Ep3

Bringing mindfulness and technology together…

As the CEO of Cubicle Ninjas, Josh believes his job is to to see that everyone enjoys the creative process. His goal is to build beautifully effective things for nice people, and leads with a design-driven team and humble mindset. The Cubicle Ninjas specialize in applications and design, branding, events and exhibitions, inbound marketing, motion graphics, presentations, print design, web design and development, and… virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Josh Farkas, CEO of Cubicle Ninjas and VR explorer

Josh knows that virtual reality is the future of storytelling. He is convinced that the more people experience virtual reality, the faster the stigma from the bad early VR of the 90s will vanish. Why tell potential clients how wonderful your hotel is, or show them 2D photos and videos? Why not actually transport them to the hotel and let them experience it?

Along with a VR architectural visualization, Cubicle Ninjas are creating a virtual reality relaxation platform called Guided Meditation VR. It won ‘Most Innovative Game’​ at Meaningful Play 2014. They are currently developing this application for the consumer launch of the Oculus Rift in 2016.

In addition to health and wellness applications for the Oculus Rift, Josh is leading the creation of a virtual tourism app called Adventure Venice. It will be released in 2016, in which you can explore bite-sized travel adventures through time and uncover the secrets of the ‘City of Masks’.

Josh’s vision is to develop virtual and augmented applications that create one-of-a-kind experiences that make a positive impact in people’s lives. When he’s not making virtual dreams come true, Josh loves drawing. He has illustrated twelve children’s books, written and self-published two independent graphic novels, and founded (and sold) multiple internet start-ups. His comics have been read over 1 million times and growing, and Josh’s next project is a large-format choose your own adventure graphic novel.

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Special thanks to our guest co-host, Kuldeep Dusanj, CEO of FortisHealth @FortisHealth — a vitamin & health supplement company based in the Garden of England, Kent, UK: http://www.fortishealth.co.uk/

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