#RealVirtual Spotlight: Mike Murdock @mjmurdoc on @RealVirtualShow Ep1

Our first live episode of the Real Virtual Show features Mike Murdock. Mike is co-founder and Creative Director of Otherworld Interactive, a virtual reality content creation company born in the metaverse and based in Los Angeles.

Otherworld is known for a wide array of projects and virtual experiences from real time strategy games to horror experiences to outer space. Some examples are: Nimbus Knights, a virtual reality game in which you are ruler over the sky kingdom, RoboBLITERATION puts you in the captain’s chair to obliterate your enemies, and Spacewalk is an exploratory virtual reality experience set in space and has shown at a number of venues including Tribeca 2014.

Mike’s work has been featured in a number of publications, including the Tech Times and the BBC. Sisters, a mobile virtual reality ghost story, has been downloaded over 100,000 times. It has been named one of the Best iphone VR Apps by Tech Radar and Apple Insider, and Kate Russell of the BBC declared Sisters “the one absolute standout experience” of those she tried during her two week venture into VR.

Mike has even worked with the United Nations as part of the team behind Project Syria, an immersive journalism piece commissioned by the World Economic Forum to try to tell the plight of Syrian refugee children. Immersive journalism piece uses new virtual reality technologies to put the audience “on scene” and evoke the feeling of “being there.” Project Syria was created with the intent of compelling world leaders to act on the crucial issue of refugees.

With a MFA from USC in Game and Interactive Media Design, Mike has worked at Microsoft on projection mapping technology and was with Oculus as a UX / UI and virtual reality designer for the Oculus Home app for Samsung GearVR. He specializes in Virtual Reality design, Interactive Design, Motion graphics, typography, copywriting, design consulting, illustration, animation, 3d modeling, LEGOs. When not creating transcendent virtual worlds, Mike enjoys playing the guitar.

Our conversation with Mike is far-reaching. We cover everything from the history of virtual reality to use cases of VR in entertainment and gaming, psychotherapy, travel, and the military. We even touch upon the advertising and marketing prospects of immersive reality as well as entrepreneurial opportunities…

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