Once you rebel against your inner voice you will find your true self.

Iñaki Escudero
The Rebel Within
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2 min readApr 6, 2024


We hear it.
We listen to it.
We identify it.
We even believe it.

Our inner voice, also known as an internal monologue, inner speech, or self-talk, is a private speech that occurs within a person’s mind.

It’s a fundamental part of human consciousness and cognition that influences how people perceive, behave, and develop attitudes.

Our inner dialogue is a collection of all the people who played an influential role in our lives while growing up, specifically between the ages of 0 and 5. This early period is crucial because it lays the foundation for how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. The issue is that many of us developed our inner voice based on the voices we heard during our formative years.

You might hear a harsh, judgmental, and self-critical voice.
You might anticipate negative outcomes or focus on potential dangers.
You tend to question decisions, abilities, or choices, leading to indecision or second-guessing.

Maybe your voice is compassionate, understanding, and empathetic towards oneself and others.

Whatever you hear, it was formed in those early years of development, and you didn’t get to choose it.

I decided to write this book because I want to invite you to rebel against your inner voice!

Understand where it comes from, rise above it, and become the best version of yourself.

Understanding your inner voice has several benefits:

Self-awareness: It helps you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and motivations, leading to a deeper understanding of yourself.

Decision-making: It enables you to make better decisions by aligning your choices with your values, beliefs, and goals.

Emotional regulation: You can manage your emotions more effectively, leading to improved emotional well-being and resilience.

Authenticity: Understanding your inner voice allows you to express yourself authentically, fostering genuine connections with others.

Personal growth: It supports personal growth and development by guiding you towards areas of improvement and self-reflection.

Conflict resolution: You can navigate conflicts more skillfully by understanding your own perspectives and those of others, promoting empathy and understanding.

Clarity and direction: It provides clarity and direction in life, helping you set meaningful goals and pursue them with purpose.

Creativity: It stimulates creativity and innovation by encouraging unique perspectives and ideas.

Stress reduction: By listening to your inner voice, you can reduce stress and anxiety by addressing underlying concerns and finding solutions.

Relationships: It enhances relationships by fostering honest communication, empathy, and mutual understanding.

Developing awareness and understanding of your inner voices can help you find your authentic voice and manage your thoughts and emotions more effectively.



Iñaki Escudero
The Rebel Within

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