Black Nazis, Coddled Minds, & Drug Bunnies

Gemini AI gets racist, a review of an important documentary, and more.

Joe Garza
The Reckless Muse
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Feb 26, 2024


The Reckless Musecast Ep. 114 — 100 Black Nazis

In the latest episode of the Reckless Musecast, Ben D’Alessio and Joe Garza talk about hilariously racist Gemini AI image generator from Google.

Listen to it on the following platforms:

“The Coddling of the American Mind” — Documentary Review

Before dying your hair blue & fighting the patriarchy, watch this documentary. Click here to read the full story.

Drug Bunnies

“At the lab, a second severely mutated rabbit leapt through the silhouette of broken glass. Followed by a third, and then a fourth. And then the glass gave way…” Click here to read the full story.