It’s Endless Wartime For Artists Who Dare

A call to creative arms

Joe Garza
The Reckless Muse
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3 min readApr 10, 2024


Image by Rodrigo Pignatta from Pixabay

“…But perhaps there is no peace for an artist other than the peace found in the heat of combat…”

That quote is from the speech, “Create Dangerously: The Power and Responsibility of the Artist,” which author and philosopher Albert Camus gave at the University of Uppsala in Sweden on December 14, 1957. In it, he stresses the importance of artists’ refusal to let tyrannical forces of all forms stop them from boldly creating works that rip open the body of the human condition and expose its crimson innards for all to see, feelings be damned. Camus knew, even then, that artists who dared to get their hands dirty showing us who we really are with color, sound, and words were born with targets on their heads for ideological zealots to aim at.

“Create Dangerously” may’ve been delivered more than 65 years ago, but Father Time has done nothing to temper its fiery veracity. In fact, the culture wars that have been waged since then (as well as the one that we’re currently embroiled in) have only substantiated its claims and increased its necessity. History has continued to produce leaders who carry out brutal and bloody campaigns against renegade thinkers and maverick creators who set out to expose the triumph and tragedy and confusion of our existence in the form of a song, a poem, a painting