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Seth Rogen Thinks He Knows What’s Best for Society…for Some Reason

In this installment of The Reckless Museletter, we cover Seth Rogen’s recent attempts to scold non-celebrities about everyday life; why big cities aren’t ideal for artists; why the New York Times thinks rock ’n’ roll is problematic; and how an usual dating experience led to a great song.

Seth Rogen: King of the Out-Of-Touch Hollywood Aristocracy

If Seth Rogen’s opinions on real life and the woke-fueled projects he makes are any indication, his knowledge of Joe Nobody is about as extensive as a novelty store blank book. By Joe Garza

The Big City is Done — Leave it Behind

The painter has lived in the big cities for a long time, as that is where the markets were, and the galleries, the lights, the wine, the women, the men, the dance of the concrete ballroom. And what do I make of this? By Judson Vereen

The New York Times Thinks Classic Rock is Problematic

I remember a time when liberals were trying to save rock ’n’ roll from the uptight clutches of conservatives. Oh, those halcyon days when the left cared about the freedom to offend! By Joe Garza

Who is Bobby?

It was cinematic. Heading home in an Uber that night, I pulled out my notes app and frantically took down this imagery before it could slip through my fingers like a fading dream, knowing it was ripe for a song. By Alma Cook

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