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Suspending Whoopi Goldberg is as Stupid as Her Holocaust Comments

Credit: ABC

In this installment of The Reckless Museletter, we take a look at the recent Whoopi Goldberg controversy; the perils of revisiting a cherished book; marketing, creativity, and the ubiquity of the artist; and an easy-to-understand-yet-difficult-to-maintain path to artistic virtuosity.

Whoopi Goldberg Is An Idiot, But She Shouldn’t Be Suspended from “The View”

“Whoopi Goldberg is a high order fuckwit…And yet, in a weird and bitter way, I’m still pulling for her to grow from this stinking chapter of the Culture War.” By Joe Garza

I’m Afraid to Re-Read My Favorite Book

“On the first page, written above the praise from critics:

‘Ben D’Alessio. August 2013. Mostly read in Spain.’

I think it’ll stay that way.”

By Ben D’Alessio

Do you still enjoy art? - prompt from A Skeptical White Male

“I do still enjoy art. It is not necessary for most people to have, but it is ultimately necessary for some people to make. And then one does that long enough, they become their craft and thus can begin to craft their own life.”

By Judson Vereen

Master Each Baby Step: The Path to Artistic Virtuosity

“In the same way that making your bed right after you wake up can give you a strong sense of accomplishment, acquiring expertise in a simple skill can instill in you the satisfaction of getting closer to your own artistic wizardry.”

By Joe Garza

The Reckless Musecast

In this episode of the official podcast for The Reckless Muse publication, Ben D’Alessio and Joe Garza talk to writer, actor, filmmaker David Krae about his experience in the film industry, freedom of speech, history, the Culture War, and more. Listen on YouTube and Spotify.



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