Brings Cloud-Based Code Deployment to FPGAs

Manchester, UK, 27th Oct 2016 — (, today announced a major leap forward in the FPGA ecosystem with the launch of its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that enables developers to run code on FPGA’s as easily as they deploy to servers.

Year-over-year improvements in commodity hardware, as described by Moore’s Law, have dramatically slowed. However, the volume of data and need for performance improvements continue to increase. Experts agree that specialized hardware is the way forward — developers can leapfrog the limits of commodity hardware with the performance improvements yielded by proper use of FPGA’s. brings the power of FPGA’s to the modern developer ecosystem.

“Developers have high expectations in 2016,” said CEO Rob Taylor. “The rise of GitHub and Heroku have shown programmers and system administrators that distributing and deploying software can be as easy as a few clicks. brings that simplicity to the world of FGPA’s and thus enables staggering performance improvements.”

Programmers using write their code in a subset of Google, Inc.’s Go language and deploy to the servers, where a state-of-the-art compiler optimizes and compiles the Go code into an FPGA-compatible form. The compiler takes advantage of the Go language’s built-in support for data parallelism, taking advantage of its language-level semantics to optimize FPGA layout and performance. is in early-stage partnerships with IBM, Xilinx, and Rackspace, three leaders in the cloud and hardware industries. The company is debuting its technology at IBM’s OpenPOWER Summit Europe in Barcelona, 26th-28th October 2016.