features at Project Juno’s AI showcase

Founded by serial entrepreneur and Cambridge CompSci alumnus Rob Taylor, offers a technology platform that enables any developer to build, test and deploy their code to FPGAs in the cloud using Go.

Taylor described how the digital universe — all digital data created, replicated and consumed — is growing exponentially, leading to global challenges around massive data demands. By enabling easy and unconstrained access to the compute acceleration performance of FPGAs, is helping organisations and IT systems address these challenges. Taylor said, “FPGAs offer ten to one hundred times performance gain over standard servers, as well as a massive win on power usage compared with GPUs. We are seeing huge interest from a range of verticals and applications including cloud providers, finance, marketing, IoT, and other applications with vast real time data analytics at their heart.” is currently in private alpha with a public beta on course to launch by the summer.

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