— Program FPGAs with GO! delivers the power of hardware acceleration technology straight to cloud developers, using AWS EC2 F1 instances. Using our service you can use Go to program and reprogram FPGAs to fit your project. Build, test and deploy quickly and easily in the cloud.

Scalable, cost-effective hardware acceleration

AWS EC2 services provide convenient, cost-effective and highly scalable access to cloud computing. The F1 instances offering provides pay-by-the-hour access to powerful 16 nm Xilinx UltraScale Plus FPGAs in the cloud, giving you customizable hardware acceleration without the need for complex, costly hardware investment.

FPGAs bring significant processing speed increases (10–100x) over traditional CPUs due to their parallel architecture and vast, customizable IO. From machine learning to video processing, IoT to ad tech, online betting to social media analytics — any project which needs to handle, analyze and action large amounts of data will benefit from these enhancements.

Next-level usability lets you use the popular Go language to access the power of AWS EC2 F1 instances. You can code, build, test and deploy your project-specific hardware acceleration program entirely within our simple cloud-based service, without the need for your own FPGA infrastructure or costly, hard-to-source hardware engineering skills.

Why use Go?

Go is an open source language that makes it easy to write reliable and efficient software. It was released in 2009 and is now one of the most popular languages worldwide. Go has several concurrency features that are ideally suited to taking advantage of the FPGA’s parallel architecture: Goroutines, channels and select statements. seamlessly transforms your Go code to the AWS EC2 F1 instances platform.

Usability and support

At we’re focused on the usability of our product. The interface and command-set we offer is simple, and we’re constantly updating the example code we provide. Our documentation includes a series of tutorials to help you get up and running with our service.

Want to get access?

We’re accepting new sign-ups now so visit us at Also, if you have any questions, come and visit our community forum, where we’re always on hand to help.