Space camp roundup — Building a platform for software defined chips

We’ve come to the end of our time at the first Seraphim space camp, and the 9 weeks of intensive, inspiring work culminated in an investor day, which saw each startup make their refined pitch to a room of 100+ potential investors. CEO, Rob Taylor, presented our unique place in the compute acceleration space — giving software engineers the tools to dynamically optimise their compute for their critical problems. Watch some highlights from Rob’s pitch here.

A perfect storm

Data is increasing at an exponential rate, while data centre tech is flatlining. We’ve been here before, but the solutions of the past — faster processors, then multi-core and cloud computing — have come to an end. It’s widely regarded that the solution will come from application-specific hardware. But there’s a problem: the skills required to create this bespoke hardware are rare, and those that do hold the skills aren’t working for the companies at the sharp edge — those with massive data sets who need the fastest churn rate.

Our solution

At we’ve created the solution: a software layer that democratises this step, giving usable tools to data science and software engineering teams so they can realise the potentials of software defined chips: 100x performance improvements in speed, latency reduction and space/power consumption.

General purpose and reprogrammable has a wide appeal. We currently have pilots in place within Finance, and in spacetech there’s a massive potential for value creation through instant processing of the vast quantities of earth observation data gathered each day. Genomics, edge computing and insurance tech are just a few of the other areas in our sights. owns the space in which we operate, we’re general purpose and offer full customer programmability.

We have pilots in place with two large investment banks, in which the rapidly changing regulatory and market landscape means they see the need to own their own strategy in trading technology. Our finance customers have been excited to find, as we’re a self-service platform through which existing engineering teams can deliver systems to analyse huge volumes of constant new data, to make near-instantaneous trading decisions.

Come and see for yourself!

We’re building a platform for software defined chips that delivers orders of magnitude more performance to enterprise software teams. To see for yourself, come and signup for free at