UKFast invest in

UKFast, the UK’s largest independently owned hosting provider, have made a significant investment in, making them our largest investor this funding round.

Shared outlook

UKFast founder and CEO Lawrence Jones’s aim is to speed up the internet, and he’s driving this movement from their base here in Manchester, which is known internationally as a thriving centre for technology, innovation, arts and business, and also, fortuitously, it’s the home of!

Our CEO, Rob Taylor, is committed to developing next generation tooling for today’s cloud engineers, giving them the power to handle exponential growth in data. Lawrence Jones understands the cross-industry problems being faced due to increasing data and stalling processor speed increases. He’s adding his weight to our endeavours, both financially and through his personal encouragement, and we’re so excited to see what doors will be opened to us.

What we’re doing

At we’re focussed on helping cloud developers everywhere take advantage of the power of hardware acceleration technology. Whether you’re a single person startup or a multinational company, speed, cost and flexibility are always high priorities, and being able to use cost-effective easy to use FPGAs could be the answer you’re looking for. Sign up now by visiting our website.