You’ll probably buy the iPhone 7— but should you?

This is the iPhone 7.

According to Apple it’s the best phone that they’ve ever made.

And you’d hope so, because while Apple have been working on the new addition to their hardware lineup, its closest competitor has been gaining a lot of steam.

The iPhone 7’s is a familiar design, because it’s practically that of the iPhone 6 and 6s.

It comes in two different sizes, five different colors and a selection of options for storage space.

It’s a risky card for the company to play, with their competitors making such strides in areas Apple previously lead unopposed.

While the company is still credited with designing the best hardware, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has exceeded Apple in giving more screen real estate in a smaller, arguably more polished design that the iPhone 7 Plus.

And while the 7 Plus’ new dual camera hardware and software may put it a hair ahead of Samsung’s phones, it’s not the substantial lead it once had over the Korean company.

So with its competitor’s game as strong as ever, and the market’s appetite for new hardware waning — in an age where all phones look practically the same, Apple is not in a position to be complacent.

With no new design and the most significant changes being made to the iPhone on the inside, it seems like a very ballsy move for the company to take away the headphone jack!

It’s all part of Apple’s culture of moving markets forward.

They did the same thing back in the 80s, 90s and 00s. Taking away the floppy disk drive in preparation for the CD.

Then the CD drive to push people into the cloud.

Now they’re taking away the headphone jack on the phone to push people toward the wireless alternative — one of which they’ve made and will release later this year.

People are always pissed off at first, but eventually the market catches up.

In a few years we’ll probably wonder how the headphone jack stayed around for so long.

But it’s still a risky moment for Apple to make a move like this.

So what is actually positive about the iPhone 7.

It’s faster.

It has stereo speakers.

The smaller iPhone now has optical image stabilization which was previously only available on the Plus model.

Speaking of the Plus, it’s got a second camera which will allow you to shoot things like this with that nice blurred background.

There are two new colors, “Black” and “Jet Black”.

It’s waterproof.

Its screen will apparently be cheaper to replace.

And both phones have longer battery life — probably the most important improvement of all.

There are other things you’ll notice less like the home button not actually clicking but giving you taptic feedback because, you know, that’s important.

The screen is meant to have better color.

And the antenna lines have moved, becoming a lot less notable on the black models of the phone than before.

So, should you buy it?

Well, unless you’re upgrading from a 4s or 5s, or maybe even a 6, I don’t think you should.

If you’re after a significant design upgrade, there are a number of reports that suggest next year’s model will be a big.

Plus, next year the iPhone turns 10, so it’s a reasonable assumption to make that they’re saving their best for then.

But the funny thing is that as always a lot of you will just buy this phone anyway.

Because Apple have trained us to want something new from them each year.

And because, you know…it’s the best iPhone ever. Or at least the one we’re getting this year.

Video by Dom Hennequin

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