The Secret to Meaningful Omnichannel Experiences

Jeff Meade
Oct 3, 2018 · 4 min read
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“Let me tell you a secret.”

It’s a phrase that sees us leaning in to hear more, even involuntarily. We’re eager to know! This same desire underlies an important aspect of meaningful omnichannel experiences too. Just as we want more information, we also want to feel known.

The challenge

Yet the challenge remains: how do you personalize brand experiences, so they are tailored to individual needs rather than generic ones?

There are several useful strategies you might employ.

#1 Meet them where they are

Leverage brand content in publications and platforms they already trust. In addition to publishing your own high-quality content on your site and social channels, for instance, you could also contribute original content to publications your target audiences already read.

Think also about ways in which you can offer brand experiences in environments that matter to them. For example, our agency demonstrated a new phone at a CIO golf event for Samsung. We offered golf swing analysis from a pro using the phone’s slo-mo feature.

#2 Be part of a community

Yet there is another way to interpret this idea of community. Consider also the value your brand gains from aligning itself with other influencers and credible industry sources. When developing content, link to valuable external content to demonstrate to your audience that it isn’t all about you and what you have to say. Show them that your priority is what they want and need.

The same would be true of developing relevant brand experiences in what might be considered an untraditional environment. You could for example:

  • Set up a mobile beauty bar outside of a music festival.
  • Add music/mood lighting to a changing room through a partnership between Google’s personal assistant technology and a retail brand.

You’re bringing the brand to them. You’re bringing it in a place where they didn’t expect to appreciate your product at that moment.

#3 Mine your data

74% of online consumers get frustrated when website content has nothing to do with their interests.

Your customers are like snowflakes — no two of them are the exact same.

This customer journey design can help guide the omnichannel marketing experience, but it needs to be flexible:

  • Analyze at a granular level what the different consumer’s needs are as they move towards purchase.
  • Determine what you can do better to ensure the right message is always going to the correct person.
  • Recognize the customer no matter what channel they interact with you on.
  • Connect their actions to triggered offers, content, and actions offering them the next best step in context.
  • Test your targeting to adapt and determine the right information to promote and approach to take.
  • Iterate often based on the real-life data you gather and the better level of understanding you gain from paying deep attention to the data and its alignment with your objectives.

We’re marketing in a consumer-empowered world.

Differentiation is essential, so your brand needs to look at marketing as a two-way conversation with information going out to the audience and coming in from the customer.

Use real-time experiences as an opportunity to guide consumers’ journeys. Learn more about them and effectively harness the secret of successful omnichannel experiences.

About Jeff:
I’m a color commentator trapped in the body of a marketing strategist. So, while the marketing guy consults; the color commentator writes these articles. You can connect with me on Linkedin.

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