Happy Thanksgiving From The Towel Rack

Fletcher Keel
Nov 23, 2017 · 4 min read
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For all of you who are in America, or are perhaps even Americans outside of your home nation, I’d like to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

Over the last several years, I’ve begun to realize that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it really isn’t even close. Being as far away from my family as I have since I’ve left for Bowling Green before attending WKU (which included four years in BG, an extra summer in BG to work with the Hot Rods followed by a stint in Altoona, Pennsylvania and now living in Tallahassee) has made me really cherish and enjoy this day, and even though I have to go to my day job in the evening, I’m lucky that I’ll be with my family in the morning and early afternoon.

Anyway, that’s not why were here. Today, I’d like to talk about a couple of WKU-specific things that I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for an athletics program that is as successful and fun to keep track of as WKU is. If you’re a regular reader of this site, or a regular follower of mine on Twitter, you’ll know that WKU is more than football and basketball — Travis Hudson’s volleyball squad has been so good for so long and don’t get the love they deserve. We try to change that. I had a great relationship with Jason Neidell when I was at The Hill, and he leads a great soccer program. The softball program, while having it’s ups and downs, has been fun to keep tabs on. The one thing I always say — WKU has a great athletics program, not just one or two sports, and not every school is lucky enough to say that.

I’m thankful for the on-field growth of the football team. This year didn’t pan out like many of us thought or hoped, but it has been the most fun (albeit it, at many times frustrating) I’ve had watching WKU football, as a whole, in quite some time. Every week is interesting and, despite not in the running for a conference crown this year, another bowl trip is yet another thing to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for the WKU athletic department front office. Even though I’m no longer in regular contact with the SID’s at WKU and am communicating with them via email and Twitter messages, I’m thankful that they help us out with things like photos and even something as simple as press releases. They’ve always been a pleasure to work with and I thank them for continuing to work with me as this site grows.

Speaking of this site, I’m thankful for the gentlemen who helped me launch it back in August of 2016 — Tyler Mansfield, Marcus Browning, Will Puckett and Josh Harris. Two of which are two of my best friends in the world, one of which became a very fast and very good friend over my last couple of years as a student and the final of which I considered to be somewhat of a mentor, who is now doing some great and ambitious stuff with The Herald and The Sporting Times.

I’m also thankful for the cast who has helped me re-launch this site, which happened around April of this year after we went dormant for a bit — Ross Shircliffe and Jared Rosdeutscher, who have both been instrumental in the site being what you know it as today.

Along with Ross and Jared, I’m thankful for our newest contributors in Hunter Peay, Clay Francis and Matt McCay, who are all incredibly eager to share their love and knowledge of WKU athletics with you.

And, finally, I’m thankful for you — yes, you. The person who is reading this right now. Whether this is your first story you’ve read, your 100th or if you’ve read everything we’ve ever publish, thank you. If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or just interact with us on the WKU football and basketball Facebook groups, where a bulk of our discussion takes place, thank you. Even if you hate our writing and never agree with a word we say, thank you. You’re the reason we write and maintain this silly, fun website as much as we do.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, I hope your respective family football teams are victorious (I’m looking to win my family’s game for a second-straight year) and I hope you eat yourself to sleep with turkey and then eat a little bit more.

What are you thankful for, WKU-related or otherwise? Drop us a line at any of the aforementioned spots — Facebook or Twitter — and we’ll be more than happy to share.

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