Site News: Bring Out Your Friends

Make no mistake about it, whether or not anyone actually read this site, we would still be doing it.

We have a love for WKU and a love for telling others about WKU, so we would exist in some form one way or another regardless if one person read us, 100 people read us or 1000 people read us (or more).

Thankfully, we do have folks who read us — folks like you — and who are very interactive with us on Twitter and make doing this extra fun. It’s a nice little community we’re building, and we are hoping to make it grow even more.

That is where you come in.

With the growth of WKU athletics comes, hopefully, a growth in fan support. I’m expecting some large crowds this Saturday in the fall and for Diddle to become the hottest ticket this side of Louisville.

And, with the growth of WKU athletics comes the growth of a thirst for knowledge and opinions about WKU athletics. That’s where we, and you, come in. We need your help. We want more readers and we want more twitter followers.

So, here’s what I’m humbling asking you to do — tell three of your friends about us. If they’re Tops fans, great! If they’re just sports fans, that’s great too. Any sports fan can appreciate good and dedicated writing (hey, we are at least one of those).

If you’re a WKU student, or you know a WKU student, tell your classmates, your fraternity brothers and sorority sisters, your RA’s and your teachers about us. The more folks know about us, the better.

And, while you’re at it, follow us on the twitter, @TheTowelRackWKU. I know you all follow Chad and Brad and Elliott and The Herald, but what’s one more WKU follow? It’d at the very least make us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

If you wish not to oblige, that’s fine too. Just keep on reading and interacting with us, and we’ll still call you a friend.

Thank you, and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

Stand up and cheers.