Topper Today: September 11, 2018

Happy Tuesday everyone, and a very special Tuesday it is.

Of course, it is the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, one of — if not the — most important days in if not American history, at least my lifetime.

I lived in Altoona, Pennsylvania for nine-ish months in 2016 and one day I made the 90ish minute drive out to the memorial for Flight 93 and it was an experience.

The thing that was so jarring about the memorial was how…average…the town and the place where the plane actually crashed was. I have been to Ground Zero in NYC (but never to the memorial they opened there, something I hope to change soon) and that’s in the middle of one of the greatest cities in the world — as awful as it is to say it, you’d expect one of the biggest travesties in history to happen there.

That isn’t the case when you’re driving through Somerset County. It was…odd.

Some people are civil war aficionados. Others fancy themselves World War II buffs. Take that same logic, but apply it to me and 9/11. I know it’s strange, so don’t ask me to explain.

Just take some time to remember and mourn.

11:15 a.m. ET: The Toppers have garnered a pretty big-time defensive commit for the 2019 class.

Barber is a three-star recruit, per 247. We’ll have more on Barber later on today.

9 a.m. ET: Speaking of mourning, sad news from the Hilltopper community yesterday.

The Hilltoppers are a strong piece of pop culture that I always forget how strong a piece of pop culture they are.