Welcome To The Towel Rack

When Wave The Red Towel launched in October in 2014, something changed within the fandom of WKU athletics.

Granted, there also could be (and probably is) a direct correlation to around the time of WTRT’s launch and the beginning of “internet culture,” (most notably, twitter), whatever that means for you, but still before Wave The Red Towel, outside of something like Topper Talk, there really wasn’t a ton of “by the fans, for the fans,” love for WKU.

However, as you probably know, things are much different now. WKU is on the national rise thanks to its football program, the basketball program has a buzz around it unmatched in the last half decade or potentially even longer, and sports like volleyball, soccer and softball have all had out of the gate success in Conference USA.

With the successes comes fans and the desire to express the joys, which have led to things like Tops or Transfer, Snitching Big Red, Red Towel Talk, Moonshine Throwdown, facebook groups dedicated to Topper basketball and football, and more. Fan-driven engines (again, mostly on twitter) have given a new voice to a new generation of WKU fans.

And we’re excited to be adding to that voice.

I mention Wave The Red Towel because that was my, and our, brainchild. I started it, we grew it, and in Feburary of 2015, I ended it.

But now we are back, with a new name and on a new platform. However, our goal remains the same — top not Hilltopper coverage, unique angles with opinions and updates on your favorite ProToppers.

This is our blog. This is also your blog. To use a phrase from earlier, we will aim to be “by the fans, for the fans.”

We’re still learning the ropes of this new indie life, but we wont allow that to derail our work.

Close to two months ago now, Marcus approached me with the desire to start something new, and now here we are.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Welcome to The Towel Rack.