WKU Basketball: Ben Hansbrough Resigns As Assistant Coach

After being arrested Saturday night for driving under the influence, WKU assistant basketball coach Ben Hansbrough has resigned his post on the Tops’ bench.

Hansbrough’s resignation comes not even four full months into his tenure on Rick Stansbury’s coaching staff. He was a member of the Tops’ support staff for the previous two years, first as a graduate manager in 2016/17 and then a player development coordinator in 2015/16.

As Brad noted on Twitter, Hansbrough is the fourth full-time assistant to leave his position on Stansbury’s coaching staff since last season came to a close.

What’s your reaction for Hansbrough’s departure. Does this put the Tops behind the 8-Ball with the season starting in a month? Let us know in a comment below, via twitter at @TheTowelRackWKU or on our Facebook page.

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