WKU Basketball: Costa Rica Trip to be Void of Radio, Streams

You’ve been asking for a while now, and earlier today, we got an answer. According to WKU basketball sports information director, Zach Greenwell, there will be no traveling radio with WKU to Costa Rica nor will there be streams available for any of the contests.

Well, unfortunately, there you have it. No radio calls, no official YouTube streams, no nothing for the unofficial debuts of the best recruiting classes WKU basketball has ever seen.

However, just because there won’t be anything official doesn’t mean there won’t be…well, anything. As Mr. Greenwell points out, they’ll have video and photos from the games, which leads me to suspect they’ll try to do something like Facebook Live broadcasts or even Periscopes, but only time will tell. Also, it’s not completely out of the question that the teams in Costa Rica have some sort of rules or regulations against streaming that WKU has to comply with.

Chad Bishop is kind of notorious for Periscoping key moments of basketball games, so if he is apart of the traveling media, he may do that as well. All of this is pure speculation, but all hope isn’t lost.

But, as it stands, there’ll be no “official” broadcasts of WKU’s Costa Rica swing, which is a bit of a bummer.