WKU Basketball: Tops Make Cut For Top 100 Recruit Devontae Shuler

If you thought you were done getting basketball news out of Rick Stansbury and the revamped WKU basketball program for the week, you thought wrong.

Another Top 100 recruit for the 2017 class cut his top ten list yesterday, and the red towel logo was on it.

This time it was Devontae Shuler.

Sure it’s just a top ten list, but, the company WKU shares on that list is quite pleasing.

Shuler is a 6'3 guard out of the Oak Hill Academy and is listed at No. 76 on the ESPN top 100.

He’s a crafty guard that can get to the rim with ease, and also has the ability to shoot from beyond the arch. He looks like “the real deal” as one of his highlight tapes says. But isn’t that what highlight tapes are supposed to do? I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

If the Hilltoppers were able to steal Shuler from the likes of Kentucky, Louisville and North Carolina, he’d be joining a 2017–18 team stacked with Mitchell Robinson, Buffalo transfer Lamonte Beardon and most likely former Syracuse commit and JuCo transfer Moustapha Diagne if he opts to stay for a second year on the Hill. (Diagne submitted his name to the NBA draft this year but opted out prior to deadline).

That team would arguably be a Top 25 team in the nation, with three ESPN top 100 athletes (two from 2017 class, one from 2015) and a RS Junior in Beardon. That’s not even factoring in any other Stansbury bombs he could bring in during the remaining recruiting periods for the 2017 season.

In summary, with Shuler cutting a fresh top 10 list with WKU on it means one thing, whether he ends up in a Hilltopper uniform or not, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the Hill is a legit landing spot for top 100 recruits.

Do you think WKU will make Shuler’s Top 5? What odds do you give the Tops for actually landing him? Let us know in a comment below or on twitter @TheTowelRackWKU.

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