WKU Basketball: What To Watch For In Saturday’s Scrimmage

WKU Basketball practicing prior to leaving for Costa Rica earlier in the summer. Photo via @WKUBasketball.

The Hilltoppers will pit athletic wits against one another publicly one final time before the season’s first exhibition game on Wednesday, November 1.

It probably wont bee known until the sneakers hit the hardwood how the rosters will line up, but I’ll be surprised if the rosters are the same as they were for Hilltopper Hysteria — I’d like to think Stansbury will want to vary things up a bit before everyone is competing with the same color jersey on.

(For a refresher, the Red squad at Hysteria featured Jared Savage, Taveion Hollingsworth and Moustapha Diagne while the White roster had names such as Dwight Coleby, Josh Anderson, Darius Thompson and Jake Ohmer.)

So, what should we be keeping an eye on come tomorrow morning?

  • DE-FENSE: Don’t get me wrong — I love a dunkarific jamboree as much as the next guy. But we know what this team is capable of on offense. I want to know what we’ll be working with on the defensive side of the floor.
  • Starting Preview? Yes, I know we have two exhibition games to play before things really get going, but I wonder if we’ll see a preview of what the starting lineup will hold. I’d be shocked if Stansbury has no idea what he wants to do with his starting five, but I’d also be just as shocked if his starting five is set in stone.
  • Ohmer’s Time: If there was one big takeaway from Hysteria, it was that Jake Ohmer proved that he belongs on this highly-touted roster. He might be a story to watch each game, but since we are still in the early stages of the season, he’s definitely something to watch.

Hopefully after today we’ll have some of these answered, and just as hopefully, we’ll have some more questions to ask as we head into the preseason slate.

The official Towel Rack crew will not be in attendance for the scrimmage, but we are teaming up with Redzone Radio to bring you coverage. Redzone’s Sam Gorley will be tweeting during the scrimmage from @WKURedzone, and Sam will also be providing the post-game recap for us, so we’d like to thank him in advance. We’ll have an eye on things through social media, and will retweet a bit of what Sam is seeing, but for the full experience, give the Redzone crew a follow.

Tip off is set for 11 a.m.

What are you looking for in today’s scrimmage? What questions do you want answered? What questions would you like to see emerge post-scrimmage? Let us know in a comment below, via Twitter at @TheTowelRackWKU or on our Facebook page.

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