WKU Football: Breaking Down Film From The EKU Win

Before the season started, we put out a call on the Twitter device to ask you for some help — we wanted to know what you wanted to see from us come the football season in terms of coverage.

And, before I go further, I just want to say that the above tweet still stands. We are always looking for ways to make what we do here better. So, if you have an idea or you think we aren’t doing as good a job as we could or should be doing, let us know!

One of the suggestions that spawned from that tweet was a simple one — film breakdowns. And, while I’ve never done them previously, that doesn’t mean we can’t start, right?!

Unfortunately, this week we only have two plays. Which leads to another topic — if you’re at a WKU game and happen to be taking video, and capture a key play, send it our way so we can use it in our video breakdowns. The plan is to do them weekly and to give each play we have as close a look as possible.

Alright, now that the house cleaning is out of the way, lets get to it.

Our first play is the Mike White to Lucky Jackson touchdown that gave the Tops a 14–0 lead.

Before the snap, the Tops are lined up in a pretty basic offensive set — shotgun formation, three receiver set, two to the far side. The man we are zeroing in on is the red jersey closest to this very text, at the very top of the screen.

WKU’s pre-snap lineup, featuring three WR’s, with Jackson at the very top of the screen.

And, while it’s difficult to see, Jackson and his partner receiver (forgive me, the video is blurry and I can’t make out then number) begin to run what I’m going to call a “stack” route — they’re parallel to each other, but separated by about five yards. (Also, forgive how difficult it will be to see, as they’re running right through where the scorebug is.)

Jackson and his other WR are “stacked” between the 50 and the 40. From here, Jackson will cut across to the midfield logo for the catch and run.

From that point, Jackson cuts across the deep defender towards midfield, makes the catch and takes it to the house. Nothing really fancy, just pure speed from Jackson and a bullet from White.

Our second play comes in gif form, when D’Andre Ferby punched it in from the the two yardline.

Pre-snap is almost the exact same look, except for instead of a three receiver set, it’s two wide outs to the far side and two men in the backfield (Ferby and the H-back).

Ferby and tight end Steven Witchoskey line up in the backfield with Mike White.

Once the ball hits White’s hand, #51, Brandon Ray, leaves the line to pull to the right to create a hole that’ll be opened by him and the H-back, Steven Witchoskey.

#51, Brandon Ray, who began the play on the near side, is cutting back to help Witchoskey create an opening on the right side of the O-Line.
Ray is going to go low on the EKU defender while Witchoskey engages until Ferby passes him and waltzes into the endzone.

Once that hole is opened, Ferby lowers his shoulder and takes the contact because he knows he just put a Topper 6 on it.

The moment before Ferby lowers his shoulder and makes contact with the EKU defender while crossing the goalline. Touchdown, WKU!

And, just like that, you have it! Our first ever film breakdown.

Again, if there’s a feature you’d like to see from The Towel Rack, let us know! You can reach us on Twitter at @TheTowelRackWKU or on our Facebook page. You can also leave a comment below. We love comments.

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