WKU Football: The Tops top Week 3 of the CUSA Power Rankings

The CUSA bloggersphere has come together, and the Week 3 Power Rankings are out. Lets see what the minds of the conference have to say (last week’s rankings are in parentheses)

1.) WKU (1)
2.) Southern Miss (2)
3.) Marshall (5)
4.) Louisiana Tech (4)
5.) MTSU (3)
6.) UTEP (6)
7.) FAU (8)
8.) ODU (7)
9.) UTSA (11)
10.) FIU (10)
11.) Rice (9)
12.) North Texas (12)
13.) Charlotte (13)

And, here’s how The Towel Rack voted for the Week 3 Power Rankings. A mini explanation is provided for some of the teams.

1.) Southern Miss — They’re undefeated and beat their SEC opponent. The Eagles are in for a solid campaign.
2.) WKU — The Tops outperformed a Top 25 USC team against Alabama, and are only 28-points worse than the defending champs. I’ll take it.
3.) Marshall — Sure, they demolished Morgan State, but they did it in exactly the way they should have done. Bravo, Herd.
4.) Louisiana Tech
5.) UTEP
6.) UTSA — The Roadrunners hung tough with Colorado State, something that’ll make Jared from Underdog Dynasty happy and also something not a lot of folks would happen.
7.) FAU
8.) MTSU — The Blue Raiders lost to Vandy, and it wasn’t even close. So much for all that preseason hype.
9.) North Texas
10.) Rice
11.) FIU
12.) ODU — Maybe I was a little harsh in my rakning of the Monarchs. On the one hand, they got it handed to them by App State. On the other, App State is going to win 10 games this season.
13.) Charlotte — “Here lies Charlotte. They fielded a football team.”

So, there ya have it. Double-dose of Week 3 CUSA Power Rankings. Do you agree with the rankings? If not, who would you rearrange? Let us know in a comment below or on twitter @TheTowelRackWKU.

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