WKU Football: WKU vs. Louisville — Initial Thoughts

Nothing like the third week of the season to bring back a staple from last year, right?!

If you’ll recall from the 2017 season, at the beginning of each week we ran an “initial thoughts,” story, where we’d break down that week’s matchup without a ton (or any) prep or research.

This year, we start with the Louisville Cardinals staring the Toppers back in the face.

  • I said it all offseason regarding the Hilltoppers running game and things haven’t improved so I’m weary of saying it but I’ll say it anyway; after losing to an FCS team at your own place, there’s only one place to go for WKU — up, right?
  • It wasn’t my initial reaction to the loss, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the Tops’ performance on Saturday was thanks in large part to overlooking them with Louisville on the horizon. I can’t attest to better play calling, but I think the Tops will show up better this week than they did on Saturday.
  • Louisville ended up beating Indiana State 31–7, but the Cardinals were tied at 7–7 at the half and were up only 14–7 after 3 quarters. There’s hope for the Toppers.

…Maybe I’ll do a little more research next time. Oh well, Bobby Petrino doesn’t care enough to talk about us, why should we talk about them.

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