WKU Recruiting: Josh Anderson Coming To The Hill

For a brief moment, it looked like it was going to be a “what could have been,” type of evening for Rick Stansbury and the WKU basketball program.

Daron Russell, who had an offer from the Tops and had taken a visit in August, had announced he was taking his talents elsewhere.

Just when you think: man, maybe Stansbury is losing his touch — HE MAKES US ALL LOOK SO SILLY.

Anderson is a Top 50 prospect according to Scout and is the #12 shooting guard in the nation. The Tops beat out LSU, NC State and TCU among other schools to land the Louisiana product.

A member of the 2017 class, that means the Tops will boast, at least, two Top 50 players next season.

BUT, Mr. Evans has more. MORE I SAY.

Yes. Keep on talking, Evan.

Oh, wait, that’s all.

( •_•) 
( •_•)>⌐■-■

Or is it?

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