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WKU Football: WKU vs. UTEP Statistcal Preview

Photo via Brian Powers for USA Today | Brian Powers Photography

In General

WKU is a team that has struggled to run the ball and has given up 14 sacks on offense. All told, the bottom line is WKU scores 23 points per game. Defensively, the Tops do an above average job stopping the run, and are very average against the pass. However, red zone defense has been excellent, only allowing seven of 15 trips in the red zone to end in a TD.

Stats to Watch For

QB pressures/sacks
Anybody that pays attention to WKU football knows the offensive line has struggled. UTEP’s offensive line is actually really, really good for a team with zero wins. They’ve only given up 10 sacks in five games. Also, both defenses have four sacks each on the year. Neither team is used to getting pressure on the quarterback. If someone can, that creates an instant advantage.

Photo from Austin Anthony | BG Daily News


From a WKU perspective, hopefully the Hilltoppers got their kinks work out and understand what Coach Sanford is asking for. That win against Ball State was not gorgeous, but it was really important to see some fight and execution in the clutch.



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