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I’ve Tried Many Things, But Only This Has Stuck

I started publishing my thoughts and ideas online 10 years ago, and in the meantime, much of what I’ve tried failed to stick…except Sunday Letters.

Writing and publishing online has been an ongoing experiment in throwing stuff at a wall. Much of it hits the floor, but after a while, some of it sticks and the wall builds layers.

I’ve tried many things to get my thoughts and ideas out to people; some of it has worked, some of it has not. Some of it has been rewarding for both me and the recipients, and some of it has been a complete flop.

Some people were prepared to pay me for my writing, but many were not. Some dished out unsolicited criticism, abuse, and ridicule.

But there has been praise too, kind words and admiration from people from different corners of the world.

I look for none of it, but I have little choice than to accept it all when it comes, because when we stick our necks out we have to be prepared to take what comes.

Neither good nor bad response should be the reason we continue or stop.

I’ll keep hitting publish regardless.

The Key

The one thing that has remained through all my reincarnations and experiments with content has been my private members newsletter, Sunday Letters.

It has been on the go since 2015 and has become a part of me.

I can’t not hit publish it.

And when life gets in the way of Sunday Letters, I feel a vacancy.

I feel like I have let down my readers.

Sunday Letters is where I share my deepest thoughts on life, work, and the pursuit of happiness. I discuss social issues, creative challenges, performance, human behaviour, success, fulfilment at work, personal integrity, art…

All the things that occupy my mind.

Work is a subject I write on often.

You see, I’m deeply curious about happiness at work — what is work, why do we do it, what does it mean to us, what would we do if we didn’t have work to go to, and so on…

It’s where my career is going — work & organisational psychology.

So, Sunday Letters is where you’ll find me every weekend, and I want to invite you to join me there.

I’ll republish here on The Reflectionist every couple of weeks, but if you want to get the original newsletter the same day it’s published, then please accept this invitation to subscribe for Sunday Letters.

You’ll get the free version straight away, and if you choose to become a Premium Member and support independent writing, you’ll receive other bonuses such as;

  • Sunday Letters Premium Edition
  • Mid-week short members-only articles
  • Access to members area
  • 15% discount on services
  • Members only products
  • Access members Forum/Chatroom
  • Support a children’s charity

In all my writing and research, my goal is two-fold;

  1. To build a community around the subjects upon which I write, and
  2. To assist my readers find clarity and direction in their work.

If that’s something you’d like to be a part of, I invite you to join me.

To finish, consider this…

Whatever your thing is, I think you should keep plugging away for its inherent enjoyment. Eventually something good will pop — I’m convinced of it.

Because in all that we do, try and fail, aside from material loss or reward, we figure ourselves out just a little bit more.

I think, therefore, the effort alone is worth it.



A publication by Larry G. Maguire, freelance writer, psychology graduate and writer on the psychology of human performance, creativity, and human behaviour.

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