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I’m a student of Work & Organisational Psychology. The material has context for me given my 20+ years of self-employment, and it has helped me frame many of my personal experiences running a business. It has helped me better understand my decisions over the years, both good and bad. In…

Bukowski by artist Graziano Origa modified by the author. Original image via WikiCommons

“The gods have blessed me by not making me famous,” Bukowski wrote in a letter to Harold Norse in 1967. “I still shoot the words out of a cannon, which beats drippings from a limp cock,” as he put it in his usual abrasively sexualised tone. …

image of people on a street for short essay “The Big Spoof” by Larry G. Maguire
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…the only difference in what Bill had to say in his speech and what I see today, is that in our everyday sense, the actor doesn’t know they act.

It’s the pretence that drives me crazy the most. There’s nothing I can do about it, or that anyone can do…

Run, by Kenneth Blom, Oslo, Norway for article by Larry G. Maguire
Run, by Kenneth Blom, Oslo, Norway

I was 15 years old when I began under the hammer. I mean really working, not your summer job kind of half-arsed teenage working. Although I did that too from age 13. Before that time, I have no sense of who I was. I must have been someone, but that…

The Reflectionist

Daily reflections on life, work & the pursuit of happiness

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