Investing from a Regenerative Mind — By Sidney Cano and Ben Haggard

Evolving the Role and Practice of Investment

Photo by Jordan McDonald on Unsplash

The latest article from The Regenerative Economy Collaborative is all about a new paradigm for impact investment, moving beyond conventional philanthropy. See the excerpt and link to the full article below to learn more.

Impact investment arises from a genuine desire to make a difference in the world and to generate a profound shift in the way humans inhabit the planet. In general, its intention is either to mitigate socio-ecological damage (operating from the arrest disorder paradigm) or to promote progress for human and natural systems (aspiring to work from a do good paradigm).

We want to offer an alternative approach to impact investment, sourced from a regenerative paradigm, whose purpose is to move beyond small, incremental improvements to achieve whole-systems actualization.



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Carol Sanford

Carol Sanford


Sr Fellow Social Innovation, Babson |# 1 AmazonBest Selling/Multi-Award Winning Author | Regenerative Paradigm Educator