Not So Fast, Fashion!

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Consumers driving change

As consumers, we can drive change for the better. A recent report found that “52% of consumers want the fashion industry to follow more sustainable practices”, and want a more transparent, caring, and sustainable industry. And by translating this into purchasing choices, the industry will have little choice but to respond. So, change is in our hands, and the encouraging news is that a number of companies are already leading the way, employing blockchain technology to ensure everything is justifiably in order. Here are just a few examples.

  • Provenance gives its consumers as much information as possible using a QR code or NFC chip, which can be scanned to show the item´s journey and impact.
  • Retraced , a German-based firm, aims to make the supply chain more transparent and help consumers make more informed decisions. They seek to enable “brands to unlock relevant supply chain information and share their verified sustainability and ethical efforts with consumers.” They partner with other brands who share their philosophy, like shoemakers Cano, which aims to connect fashion buyers and small scale producers. Every pair of shoes has an NFC tag incorporated so that “every artisan that has been working on a certain pair of shoes can put his or her data on this chip” allowing consumers to see the entire story of the product. We had the pleasure to interview the founders of Retraced and Cano. Read our chat here.
  • VeChain: founded by former Louis Vuitton CIO Sunny Lu, works with many brands to guarantee customers access to detailed information about products, such as their origin, material provenance, supplier, etc. They aim to be “transparent”, “seamless”, and “data-driven”.



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