10 Reasons We Can’t Wait for the NFL Season to Start

One week and one day until kickoff!

For many, September means it’s back to school. For us, it means BACK TO THE NFL! We are like kids getting ready for Santa! Our hearts are beating. We’re getting our face paint ready. Our tailgating recipes are all teed up. We’ve already tweeted twice today about Brady’s ’90s hair. We also can’t wait to:

  1. Start the countdown to when Chip Kelly alienates his second NFL team.
New Texans QB Brock Osweiler: upi.com

2. Wonder when Brock Osweiler realizes he’s not in Denver anymore.

3. Stop talking about what Tim Tebow is doing for one whole day.

4. Start the countdown to when the Browns are eliminated from the playoffs.

5. Forget whether Jimmy Garoppolo can carry the Patriots in Tom Brady’s absence — we can’t wait to see what ridiculous attire will Bill Belichick be wearing on the sidelines this season?

Rams back in Los Angeles: abc7.com

6. Watch fans at the L.A. Coliseum come to recognize these aren’t their fathers’ Los Angeles Rams.

7. See Jay Cutler make his first “don’t look at me, it’s not my fault” shrug coming off the field.

8. Start the countdown to when Andrew Luck gets hurt again thanks to an unimproved offensive line.

9. Discover what hair color Odell Beckham Jr. will sport.

Peyton Manning unleashed: nesn.com

10. Get our fill of Peyton Manning — by seeing him pop up on every other commercial during timeouts? Oh wait… unless yet another QB succumbs to injury!

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