Ashley is a Seattle native and longtime fan of the Mariners, landing a dream opportunity in her hometown to begin her career in sports. As an avid Seahawks fan now living in San Francisco, she enjoys the friendly banter between her rival 49ers friends and enjoys her seat on the bandwagon of the Golden State Warriors. Ashley takes her hot dog with everything on it, including cream cheese (aka the Seattle Dog). Her walk-up song
is (not surprisingly) “Run the World (Girls)” by Queen Bey.

Although she was born in Chicago and lives in New York, Erica bleeds black and gold and plans to name her first-born child Franco Harris-Boeke. She interviewed for her first job as a writer for the SF Giants in the dugout at Candlestick Park, wearing a parka, of course. Erica co-wrote GameFace, a book for women who love pro sports, and is currently working on her next book about the summer she and her dad ushered for a minor league baseball team. She takes her hot dog with ketchup and onions (sorry Chicagoland). Her walk-up song is “Baby, I’m a Star,” because she’s still mourning Prince. Note: Her at-bat song changes daily.

Rachel Shuster was the first woman to be a national sports columnist, at USA TODAY, where she covered everything from Super Bowls, World Series, Olympics, Stanley Cup Finals, Wimbledon, the Masters to even the National Rodeo Finals. Along the way she got to know and interview her idols, Mickey Mantle and Billie Jean King. Her only loyalty in sports is to the New York Yankees, much to the chagrin of her Baltimore Orioles-loving son. Oh, by the way, she’ll take her dog with grilled onions — O-N-I-O-N-S!! — and hearty mustard. And her walk-up song is “New York, New York,” the Frank Sinatra version, thank you.

Dana Leonetti is a native New Yorker. She has nearly 10 years of design experience at publications including Vanity Fair and Fast Company. Her favorite sport is football (go NY Giants!) but nothing rivals a warm sunny day at CitiField watching the Mets. Passions include music, boxing, design, and wine. She takes her (turkey) hot dog with mustard. Her walk-up song is “In The Meantime” by Spacehog.

Alexa Jaccarino has diverse editorial experience working for brands like The New Yorker, the Observer, and Fast Company. She’s also currently on a path of yoga study, and always enjoys a good beach day. Alexa is a fan of basketball, tennis, and tailgating, and takes her hot dog with ketchup and relish.Her walk-up song would be some classic Beyoncé like “Crazy in Love” or “Upgrade U.”

Hanna was born in Toronto but has lived in Indianapolis for most of her life, and those cities have definitely informed her sports teams of choice (Colts, Blue Jays, Pacers, Raptors, Blackhawks, Maple Leafs — though she started really liking hockey while in college in Montreal, which means she also likes the Habs, and yes, she knows that’s blasphemous.) She has her master’s degree in publishing with a concentration in children’s and young adult literature so is always ready to pick up a great book, and in the evenings she’s never too far from a TV or smartphone screen. She takes her all-beef hot dog charred with a boatload of ketchup, and her walk-up song is Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.”