A Link of Her Own: September 20, 2016

Real world updates, NFL & World Cup of Hockey recaps, + more from the sports world

The Real Must-Read Sports News of the Day

After the recent death of Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man, Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid and Brandon Marshall all spoke out, saying, “This is why we’re protesting.”

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We mentioned how disturbing the Derrick Rose gang rape case is just a few days ago, but it’s gotten worse. The NBA players’ organization completely ignored it in a profile put up on their website earlier Tuesday, and now the woman who accused him in the first place is being forced to reveal her name because Rose doesn’t feel that her using a pseudonym is appropriate. And he got a judge to agree.

Photo via Sports Illustrated

NFL Update

The Eagles beat the Bears handily on Monday Night Football, with a final score of 29–14. Jay Cutler sprained his thumb during the game, but that may not matter to the Bears as he played horribly before that anyway; let’s not even talk about him taking himself out of the game — again. Carson Wentz, on the other hand, is doing well enough that he’s breaking records — he’s the first rookie quarterback since 1970 to start and win his team’s first two games without throwing an interception. Between him and the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott, the rookie QBs aren’t looking too bad this season (hear that, Rams & Jared Goff? You’re up.)

World Cup of Hockey Update

Team Czech Republic is officially out of the tournament after its loss to Team Europe on Monday, and after scoring early against Russia, Team North America allowed four goals in the second period. The youngsters scored twice more in an attempt to catch up, but couldn’t quite get there and had to settle for a 4–3 loss on Monday night.

Henrik Lundqvist made 36 saves in his return on Tuesday as Team Sweden shut out Team Finland. Finland is not officially out of the tournament yet, but needs to beat Team Russia by a lot (goal differential is a factor in team rankings) and for Team Sweden to beat Team North America.

We previewed the Team USA-Team Canada first-round matchup, and it’s finally here. Will grit and heart be enough to beat Team Canada’s higher skill level? Team USA sure hopes so.

Sports & Tech Links

Photo: AP via Mashable

The Paralympics ended just a couple days ago, and while the technology on display there was astounding, it also created some controversy: prosthetic legs have gotten so good that it’s become advantageous to have two of them (over one plus a human leg) in a race.

True to their Silicon Valley roots, the San Francisco 49ers have become the first pro sports team to partner with the online education masterminds at Khan Academy. The lessons posted will show how STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) principles are applied to the game of football, the stadium, etc.

Longread of the Day

How St. Louis is handling the loss of its football team.

Must-Watch Video of the Day

Megatron’s got moves:

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