Favorite Fan of the Week: Let’s Get Lexi


The Relish’s Favorite Fan of the Week, Let’s Get Lexi

In honor of our San Francisco roots we welcome Alexis Cozombolidis (aka Let’s Get Lexi) as our first Favorite Fan of the Week. She’s a darling of YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — and everyone who meets her. She’s a huge gamer. Oh, and she happens to be engaged to SF Giants outfielder Hunter Pence. So, let’s get Lexi, shall we?

Let’s Get Lexi in a League of Her Own

What is your first sports memory?

It’s actually kind of funny because after I saw the movie “A League of Their Own,” I forced my dad to put me in baseball. I ended up playing for the Oakland A’s [little league team]. And it ended up being nothing like the movie.

What is your favorite sports tradition?

The Giants winning the World Series in the even years ;) and obviously the kiss cam.

What is your favorite sports moment ever?

I’m incredibly lucky to have so many! Getting to experience the 2014 World Series with Hunter and then getting to do grass angels on the field after such an incredible win. Also, getting to sit courtside at a Warriors game before they won the 2015 Championship.

Which sports figure (living or dead) would you name your child-pet after?

I think it would be funny to have a puppy named Barry Bones…#25!

How do you take your hot dog? (With relish, we hope!)

Relish and pineapples, doesn’t everyone like it like that?

EXTRA CREDIT! What is your walk-up song?

The theme song to the old Batman TV show. Starring Adam West.

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