The Relish is looking for you, your BFFs, even you + your boo to feature in our series!

Lisa Raphael
May 9, 2017 · 2 min read

Hey, girl! We’re The Relish, your fave sports media brand serving up content focused on female fans (FINALLY, amirite?!) and we’re casting for some new video series! Check their descriptions out and fill out the form at the bottom for a chance to be featured.

Stylish Fans for Style Uniform

Do you wear your heart on your (uber stylish) sleeve when it comes to your favorite team or player? We want to come over for a sartorial lesson, styled by Y-O-U.

Funny Fans to Fight on Face Off

What’s that sports-related topic that you and your BFF just don’t agree on—no matter whaaaat stats and examples you point to? Come have a healthy debate at Relish HQ. We’ll make sure it’s a fair fight *ding ding*

General Casting Call: Are You a…

…Couple Who Likes, Loves or Fights About Sports?

Did sports bring your relationship together… or is it tearing you apart? Guys, girls, girls + girls, guys + guys, non-binary bbs — we want to hear your story ❤

…Dude Who Doesn’t Love Sports?

WHAT — THOSE EXIST? Um, yes, we know some. (Quite a few actually…) And we’d like to know more. If YOU are one, hit us up.

…Super Fan — like our girrrrl Sheila, see below:

Do you dream in your team colors? Does your fave team or player take up every sec of your free time… and every cent of your free $$? We want to hear your story. And like, who knows, maybe get your fave player to surprise you with a dozen red roses on camera. (Hey, it can happen. Haven’t you watched an episode of The Ellen Show lately?!)

…Person who loves sports + wants to be on-camera? Like, in this super cool video:

AWESOME!!!! Fill out the form below:

Note: MOST of our video production happens in the Bay Area, but we’re also looking for fans in NYC, LA, Portland, Seattle, Boston, DC and all across this great country so tell us where you’re at. We’ll make a trip out of it.

The Relish

Serving up sports for female fans

Lisa Raphael

Written by

Now: Content + Growth @therelishsports Then: Producer/Editor/Grown-Up Teen @BritandCo @KatieCouric @lifetimetv @j14Magazine Generally: glitter intellectual

The Relish

Serving up sports for female fans

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