College Football: Week 6 as Told in GIFs

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio

We’re starting to get into the nitty gritty of college football where every game matters if you want a spot in the College Football Playoff. Let’s just say, the pressure is on! This was the week where I thought some top teams could crack, but I was wrong.

The good news is we still had some pretty great games for some pretty great reactions (thanks, Leo):

Was I right? Or was I right about Washington? (Washington 70, Oregon 21):

Miami… (Florida State 20, Miami 19):

What can you say to Rutgers after the Scarlet Knights were shut out by Ohio State last week and again this week by Michigan? (Michigan 78, Rutgers 0):

Why weren’t there many upsets this week!? I wanted the top 5 to shake up…

When you’re pulling for the Buffs but you have to #BackThePac and you’re happy for the Trojans but wish Buffs could have come away with the win (USC 21, Colorado 17):

Once my friends asked if we can change the channel since the Hogs were losing…(Alabama 49, Arkansas 30):

When Washington State comes out of nowhere…(Washington State 42, Stanford 16):

And with that loss to Navy, there goes Houston’s chances for making the College Football Playoff (Navy 46, Houston 40):

OMG, Oklahoma is turning it around. Since beating Texas, the Sooners will win out for the rest of the year (Oklahoma 45, Texas 40):

FINALLY! An upset. But was North Carolina good enough to be ranked 17th to be qualified as an upset? Probably not but I’ll take it (Virginia Tech 34, North Carolina 3):

Tennessee finally lost even though it took 2 OT (Texas A&M 45, Tennessee 38):

But I did find the most amazing video from their Hail Mary that y’all need to see

Oh Wildcats, you’re still cute to me (Utah 36, Arizona 23)

See y’all next week!

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