Who Needs Football When There’s Fútbol?

Rooney’s retiring? Say it ain’t so

Hope Solo has been a subject of controversy the past couple of weeks, so it’s no surprise that her most recent move is as well: After her outburst at the Olympics, U.S. Soccer suspended Solo and terminated her contract with the national team, and she took the news hard. Solo then decided she needs a break from the game altogether, meaning she won’t play for the Seattle Reign anymore this season.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond:

David Luiz. Photo via Fox Sports

Premier League transfer deadline day is just as frantic as the trade deadline is in North American leagues (particularly the NHL, in our opinion). Today’s highlight? David Luiz came back to Chelsea after a two-year hiatus — when Paris St. Germain offers you 50 million pounds, it’s hard to say no, but the center back decided he’d rather be back in England, this time for a 34 million pound contract. The transfer was filed only hours before the deadline, and Chelsea’s defense just got an immediate boost.

Wayne Rooney has played for England in the global arena 115 times, but his reign will soon be coming to an end: Rooney announced that he’ll be retiring from international play in 2018. At least he’s given us time to prepare.

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