The Relish Gift Guide: Cheap Gifts Under $20 vs. Ultra Luxe Gifts

Hanna Fogel
Dec 5, 2016 · 3 min read

Depending on who you’re buying for (and what your budget is) the price you’re willing to pay for a holiday gift can vary as widely as Cam Newton’s post-game outfits. Whether you need something small for a White Elephant exchange or you’re going all out and sparing no expense, we guarantee you’ll find something here for your favorite sports fan.

Budget-Friendly Gifts for Sports Lovers

For the fan who bakes as well as she throws:

Readyshapes sports cookie cutters: $4.93-$8.71

For the nostalgic fan who scrapbooks everything:

ThatsMyTicket Create-Your-Own-Cover Ticket Stub Album: $9.95

For the fan who likes to keep her beverage as cold as a hockey rink:

Hockey Puck Chillers by Steven Chavez and Justin English: $14.95

For the fan who loves art as much as the NFL:

FanFourLife poster: $14.99

For the fan who misses her Game Boy Color from 1998:

Classic Electronic Sports Handheld Games: $14.99 each

For the girl who’s ready to roll no matter where she goes:

Outside Inside Backpacker Bocce Set: $15

Best Gifts for Sports Lovers When Price is No Object

For the fan who thinks tailgates don’t have to mean plastic seating:

Fabulous Furs Faux-Fur Spectator Chair: $135

For the fan who wants to eat like Tom Brady:

TB12™ Nutrition Manual: $200

For the Fenway fan who already misses Big Papi:

David Ortiz Game-Worn Batting Glove: $500

For the tailgating queen who always keeps it classy:

Lappas Stamped Leather Cooler: $1,440 (normally $1,800)

For the ping pong princess:

Picard Table Tennis Table: $6,079.20 (normally $7,599); shipping $495

For the snow bunny whose best friends are her dogs:

DeeDee Jonrowe — Overnight Alaskan Dogsled Expedition with an Iditarod Legend: from $10,000

For the fan who wants to be the next Aaron Rodgers:

One-Day Private Quarterback Camp with Joe Montana: $65,000

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Hanna Fogel

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The Relish

Serving up sports for female fans

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