Because why not?

Natalie Bohonsky
Jan 3, 2017 · 3 min read

Hey friends! Long time, no GIF-ing. Since many of the Bowls leading up to the CFP are better off described as bowls of the toilet variety, there hasn’t been a whole lot of excitement. Even some of the top players are skipping their final game to prepare for the NFL. (I personally don’t have a problem with that, I mean, look at what happened to poor Jake Butt. Prayers for a speedy recovery :(

The weekend most of us had been waiting for finally arrived! But to be honest? It was kind of lame. To create this week’s GIF roundup, I needed someone with a dry sense of humor and snark to really express how I felt CFP weekend. Take the journey with me (and Kourtney Kardash), friends:

Me waking up on CFP Saturday like:

Knowing I gotta #BackThePac even though Alabama never loses:

Everyone was freaking out the Huskies scored first but I knew something was brewing with the Tide:

Who’s ready to bow down to Saban?

Thinking Ohio State vs. Clemson would be a better game:

When the Clemson Tigers go up 17–0 at the half:

And going into the 4th quarter the Buckeyes still haven’t scored…

Two blowout CFP games? Thanks y’all:

OSU blocking out the haters like:

Always remember Alabama and Clemson:

Don’t forget to watch the Natty on Monday, January 9th at 5pm PT!

The Relish

Serving up sports for female fans

Natalie Bohonsky

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The Relish

Serving up sports for female fans

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