This Made 700 Female Football Fans (And Us) Really Mad

We call B.S. on the Texas A&M nonsense last week.

Honestly, who thought this was funny to begin with? 12-year-olds?

In an attempt to cater to their strong female fan base, the Texas A&M Aggies invited more than 700 women to a “Chalk Talk for Women” event last week. Two assistant coaches (Jim Turner and Jeff Banks), who are allegedly grown men, decided it would be hilarious to present a super sexist re-write of the school fight song (which included lyrics like: “We are putting down our dish towels. And taking off our gloves”). And to create a PowerPoint presentation that included ridiculously offensive coaching tips (left).

Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin apologized, saying he didn’t know what the two were presenting. The two alleged adults were suspended for two weeks without pay and assigned 20 hours of community service.

We call B.S. on this. On the coach not knowing. On the offseason suspension. This was their chance to reach out to a large, powerful and passionate part of their fan base — and they turned it into a highly offensive, archaic, misogynistic experience for 700 women.
She’s an Aggies fan. No dish towels required.

We would love to know when female fans will be treated like… fans? You would think that if our nation can nominate a woman for president, it could look past gender as a criterion for interest in sports.

And here’s where you come in. What community service do YOU think these two deserve? We vote for cleaning Port a Potties at Aggies games. All season. Respond here at Medium or Tweet us.

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