We Don’t Have to Go to the Louvre Today

The selfie as art, learning the metro, & other thoughts on living in Paris

We don’t have to go to the Louvre today.

We’re now fifteen days into our Paris adventure, and we’re settling into a rhythm, learning the layout, establishing routines. This morning, I walked my husband to work and then I…




Welcome to The Reluctant Parisian, a blog about expat life in Paris with a Silicon Valley spin. I am a novelist by trade, an Alabamian by birth, and a Californian at heart. I'm also a wife and mother. How did we move from Silicon Valley to Paris? Reluctantly. #Paris #ExpatLife

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Michelle Richmond

Michelle Richmond

New York Times bestselling author of THE MARRIAGE PACT — I help writers complete their first novels at Novelin9.com. Books at michellerichmond.com

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