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The Renaissance Will Be Right Back…

We’re taking another short hiatus, but don’t fret…

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Hey readers,

We have some news of our own to share. We wanted to let you know really quickly that The Renaissance Project is undertaking a — hopefully short, but as of now, indefinite — hiatus. Don’t fret, we’re not shutting down! Quite the contrary; we’re taking this hiatus to focus on preparing ourselves to come back as rap & hip hop’s revolutionary publication for good.

OG readers or followers of The Renaissance Project will know this isn’t our first ‘break’ — last time, we came with a new logo, slogan, content strategy, social and off-platform alignment, and ambition to bring you the coverage that hip-hop needs. 2 years and a month since, everything hasn’t gone smoothly (thanks, coronavirus!), but we believe we’ve hit our pinnacle in this stage, and we hope to come back even bigger and better from this break. Come on, you know hip-hop loves to see a good upgrade.

That said, we’re proud of what we’ve managed to do after fully launching in August 2019. Our mini-but-mighty Medium-based site has found at least 26,500 readers over 57 articles, 101 newsletters (not including this one), and six playlists published in those three years. That’s not even including social impressions, views from off-platform or third-party sites, and multiple citations across the internet. A few accidental clicks aside, that shows a lot of trust and interest in our vision that hip-hop journalism can have, and needs to have, a new approach.

In hip-hop terms, we’re slept on right now, but we appreciate you and everyone else that’s showed love for us so far. While renaissances are in style right now (thanks Beyoncé!), it takes a lot to make even our modest work happen, so we need to recharge. We’ll be underground a bit, but by no means are we ghosting you. We’ll see you soon.

In the meantime, we surely have something among our 160-plus posts for you to visit/revisit — including our most recent article, a profile of music artist VonJune. If you want to, you can still reach us at, plus our ongoing Instagram and Twitter.

Keep an eye out for us — before the storm.

On behalf of Paul and the entire The Renaissance Project family,

— Juwan J. Holmes, Editorial Revolutionary-in-Charge



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Juwan J. Holmes

Juwan Holmes is a writer and multipotentialite from Brooklyn, New York. He is the editor of The Renaissance Project.