Guide of Infrared Heating for Conservatories

Winter is coming, whether you like the snow and crisp winter mornings or long for the return of spring and summer, heating our homes becomes an important issue to us all. A fairly new technology called Infrared Heating has exploded onto the market and is now more affordable than ever. Using technology similar to the warmth you feel from being outside in the sun, the heaters heat objects in your home like walls, sofas, floors and even yourself, slowly, so they themselves warm the room. There are many benefits to this technology for both health and the environment inside your home or business, as well as being extremely cheap to run!

When we look at combining infrared heaters with renewable energy the technology can warm up the building quickly and easily for little to no cost, considering an Infrared heater is the ideal choice for those homes powered in part with solar panels or home power storage solutions. Infrared heaters can be used in homes and offices as they are extremely easy to install and blend with the room decor. You can install them on furniture, hang it on the wall and even attach it to the roof for seamless integration.

The basic principle of infrared heaters is — they warm up the solid objects in the room rather than warming up the air inside. Just like the sun instantly warms the objects as soon as it is switched on, an infrared heater has a similar application for any room, bed, bath and beyond.

The best part about these infrared heaters are that they can last between 15 and 25 years, they require no servicing as they have no moving parts so compared to other heating methods the overall cost over the lifespan of the heaters is exceptional!

Infrared heating for conservatories:

As we all know, conservatories are glass rooms attached to our homes and are used as a sun lounge or for growing our delicate plants. However, most of us use this room as our personal indoor in the outdoors personal space where we can relax and enjoy some quality time. Heating these spaces can often be hard during the winter and these lovely spaces often go unoccupied for this reason.

While you can easily plumb in a radiator in your other rooms, conservatories are an awkward exception. It is not recommended to opt for this method. Traditionally, conservatory heating has been an overlooked concept.

When we use a radiator in a conservatory, the glass walls do not absorb the heat in the air and offer poor insulation. Also, the large open spaces in conservatories do not offer a good comfortable heating solution.

They are expensive to install, run and maintain and also limits the conservatory use to the summer months.

Further, condensation in the conservatories heats up the air inside leaving the walls, furniture and solid pieces cold. This causes mold and other decoration problems.

But, with Infrared heaters gaining in popularity in modern days, we now get a chance to make the most of our conservatories especially in the winter. As with any property using an infrared heater, it heats up the walls and furniture in the conservatory and that helps eliminate the chances of mold and condensation.

Benefits of installing infrared heaters in your conservatories

There are great benefits of installing an infrared heater in your conservatory. Some of them are:

  1. Easy Installation: Your infrared heaters are easy to install and cheap to maintain. Whether it is a conservatory or your bedroom, a far infrared is all you need to feel warm.
  2. Can be fitted anywhere: Installation and fitting are not a problem for far infrared heaters. If you own a large conservatory, you can mount the heater panels on the ceiling. You can also install them in your furniture if you don’t want to disturb your room setting.
  3. It doesn’t make any noise: Winters cannot get any better when you are in a comfortable room that is warm and noise free. Infrared Heaters work in silence and let you relax peacefully.
  4. An amazing heating option: They instantly heat up your room just like the sun. You won’t have to wait to feel its effects.
  5. They reduce chance of mold: Infrared Heaters heat the glass walls and solid objects in the room that prevent mold. It does not disturb the decorations in the conservatory.
  6. Infrared heating reduces allergies: Since air is not a medium to transport heat for any infrared heater, there are fewer chances of dust allergies.
  7. Low cost: The cost of running an infrared panel is cheaper than the combination of radiator and boiler. They require less power output to provide the same level of heat. A 600W infrared panel will run the same as any 1500W convection heater.

Far more efficient than the electric and convection heaters, the infrared panels are amongst the newest of technological developments. Made up of ceramic glass, aluminum or mirror panel, they can be mounted on the wall as well as the furniture. The infrared panels are positioned carefully so that nothing blocks the infrared emission from the panel.

If you are looking for the perfect Infrared Heater for your conservatory, The Renewable Energy Hub is the right place to buy. Here are the descriptions of the few products available with us:

1. Glass Mirror — Infrared Panel

The REHHD Infrared Heaters are the perfect choice for your conservatory. Not only they offer a warm and cosy surroundings, they significantly reduce your hefty electricity bill by decreasing the energy consumption.

They are also perfect for commercial areas as these glass mirror panels a more pleasant working environment for your employees.

This Glass Mirror is easy to install and the stylish design improves the aesthetics of any room. You can also attach this Panel to the ceiling of the room to warm up larger places.

Shop this easy to move and energy efficient frameless infrared panel here.

2. Framed Infrared Panel

The Framed infrared panel helps you to Monitor real time energy consumption and costs. It can be installed into suspended ceilings/ceilings or walls.

They look stylish and can enhance any room decor. Also, the heating Controls can be centrally managed so that personnel cannot change temperature settings.

Find this amazing Aluminium white infrared panel at a very economical price here.

REHHD® specialise in the production and distribution of industry leading infrared heating solutions designed to be the most efficient product available anywhere in the world. “

The modern infrared heating systems are on par with most gas condensing boilers when it comes to running costs. They are much more economical and health promoting heating system that can be installed in your living rooms, conservatories, bathrooms or any other place.

Despite using electricity, they generate far fewer CO2 emissions than other heating systems and make the best possible use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

The Renewable Energy Hub provides you with the facility to search and compare installers, purchase products or packaged services and research all about renewable energy technologies available to you in the UK.

They aim to ensure you get the best professionals for your planned project. Connect with us to know the best price for your required service.

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