Computers are finally becoming human

Until recently, the human-computer relationship has been decidedly one-sided. We have almost universally conformed to meet the limitations of the computer. We have learned new languages to work with them, created new interactions to get them to do things, and changed our work environments to support their needs. 
But things are changing. With wearables, connected devices, AI, and more, computers are finally being shaped to ‘fit’ humans. They are finally adapting to our needs and our ways of engaging — they’re learning to communicate in our language and interact the way we interact with each other. And i’m incredibly excited about it (well, not all of it, but thats a topic for another day…). 
Computers have had such a profoundly positive impact on society — but given our relationship imbalance — I believe that we’re just scratching the surface of their influence. When computers become more human and allow us to engage with them more naturally, entirely new and much larger opportunities and benefits will arise. 
I’m really looking forward to witnessing companies and technologies that begin removing the cognitive barrier that currently exists between humans and technological access. When computers learn to interact with humans — nearly everyone will be able to intuitively access information and supplement their own brain power. All you’ll need to do is ask :)