This is actually cool

While everyone was talking about Peach, researchers in China unveiled this:

Yeah … its doesn’t look like much, but it’s SO f*ing cool. Its an “experimental shape-shifting material” that’s capable of transforming itself into different forms one after the other, without losing any structural integrity. So, it could shape-shift into an origami crane, then a ball, then go flat, and so on. 
Right now these configurations are triggered based on temperature changes, but you could imagine lot of additional cues i.e. pressure, water flow, and wind. And what’s really cool is that this can assume the shape of parts that are traditionally very difficult to manufacture — which if successful, could drastically reduce production costs in aerospace, etc. 
I know it’s not a mobile-social-local app, but if I could invest in this technology I would. I dont understand why we don’t celebrate these innovations but we go bananas over another way of sharing photos. But hey, that’s just me.