Week in review

Every Sunday, I take a look at the last 7 days and compile a list of the top things I learned this week. Hopefully others find this valuable…

China is dominating the 2016 storyline
The US stock markets went bananas, mostly due to havoc in the Asian markets. The health of Chinese economy is poised to dictate the 2016 economic storyline.

Commodity oversupply is crushing emerging markets
Most emerging market countries rely on natural resources, like oil, minerals, natural gas, etc. to support their economy. Over the last decade, the world has made massive infrastructure investments in natural resources to support demand coming from China. Well…now that China’s economy appears to be slowly and many of these investments are just now coming online, we have a large supply-demand imbalance. This is resulting in extremely low prices and crushing many natural resource-dependent economies.

Bots are an early 2016 theme
We’re 1 week into the real 2016 news cycle, and a bot service has been featured almost every day on Product Hunt. That includes a polling bot for slack, assi.st, a weekly bot newsletter, Messenger’s API announcement, and more. This will likely continue to be a substantial theme this year, hopefully with several $100M+ businesses built on top of messaging platforms.

The Uber fallout has started
Yellow cab may file for bankruptcy in SF
Lyft is here to stay
In 2015, the news was focused on how transportation was a winner-take-all-market and Lyft was immenently doomed. Well…Lyft weathered that storm, got $1B of fresh financing and now has support from one of the largest US automakers. It looks like this will be a duopoly for the forseeable future. 
The US is doing alright, but 2016 will be bumpy
The US posted strong jobs gains. However, wage growth remains stagnant — and most folks remain very cautiously optimisitic about the year ahead. 

Tesla is taking the lead in self driving cars 
Car navigation is a data problem — and Telsa seems poised to take the lead with more vehicles on the road, more miles recorded, and, therefore, more data points.
Messenger is aggressively focused on winning messaging
Messengers ambitions are growing bigger and bigger.

Writing isn’t that hard
I want to write every day in 2016. This sounds phenomenally daunting — and it probably is. But thus far, and granted i’m 7 days in, coming up with topics has actually gotten easier with every post. The hard part is falling into a rhythm that supports dedicated writing time. This process has forced me to more deeply process news, formulate my own opinions, and articulate my perspective — even if nobody reads anything I write, it’s a hugely valuable process.

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